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March 2015 
Positive Footprints was founded on the belief that we all can make our little corner of the world, whereve that may be, a better place.  We strive to leave that positive footprint on people, animals, and our planet through education, philanthropy, social and environmental stewardship, and advocacy. 


One way we are promoting leaving your own positive footprint is by providing volunteer and internship opportunities in a variety of areas.  Currently, our program is only in the Los Angeles area, but we are open to expansion based upon need and opportunity. 

Our members are all volunteers, so all donations go directly to our worthy causes, not to overhead.

"Take only memories.  Leave only footprints."

Man walking on sand dunes

Make A Difference
Earth Spinning
In Your Little Corner Of The World

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For an application or more information, email us at positivefootprints@yahoo.com.

Make A Difference In Your World One Step At A Time